Adventure Paintball


$30 Drop In Admission INCLUDES Essential Rental Package. (Rentals) Paintballs sold separately

or if you have your own paintball equipment
$25 Drop in Admission INCLUDES all day air refills. (Air Refills) Paintballs sold separately

Unlimited play time, paintballs sold separately. Prices are Per Person and include tax.


sold separately as needed, taxes included

Do not bring your own paintballs.

All paintballs must be purchased at Safari Ridge. We only use Premium grade paintballs with our logo on them. You are welcome to bring back unused paintballs previously purchased at our field.
50 BAG $7 top up for one last game or two
500 BAG $50 up to 3 players usually share bag of 500 paintballs

2000 CASE $170
up to 8 or 10 players will usually share a case of paintballs for a fun day of adventure

Save Time! Save Money!

Book and Pre-pay for PAINTBALL at least 2 days in advance and get the Best Price Guarantee ~ 15% off Admission/Rental package and bulk paintballs! (minimum 4000) Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. VALID DURING REGULAR HOURS OF OPERATION ONLY.

Great Value!

You'll get your dollar's worth with Paintball! Compare us to similar activities in the Okanagan or to ONE of the following:

  • About the same as 2 bottles of wine from a local winery
  • About the same as renting a scooter or kayaks on the lake for the afternoon
  • Less than a 1 hour horseback tour
  • HALF the price of golf!
  • .......and a lot more fun!!!

Based on average total cost per person


  • Drop in anytime during regular hours
    or book and pre-pay at least 2 days in advance to SAVE $ - available during regular hours of operation
  • Players must be at least 10 yrs old to play paintball
  • Paintball admission is for UNLIMITED PLAY TIME
  • Please wear clothes that cover bare arms and legs or; coveralls, padded jackets, pants etc. are available at an additional charge. Sturdy shoes are recommended
  • Complete Rentals available at the field
  • You cannot bring your own paintballs, all paintballs must be purchased at Safari Ridge
  • PRIVATE PAINTBALL GAMES at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Any size group. All day. Every day.

Is there an age requirement?
Players must be 10 years and older to play paintball. We may make an exception for younger players if they are playing in a family group, they meet height requirements and there is one adult per child playing on the field. Children younger than 8 years old are not allowed to play as the equipment will not fit properly and the game may be too intense for them. We offer Outdoor Laser Tag as a great alternative for the younger players.

What comes with the Essential Rental Package?
It includes the mandatory full-face safety mask/goggles, a semi-automatic paintball rifle, a loader to hold your paintballs and all the air you need to power the gun. The package is usually quoted with the Admission/Rentals price. Paintballs and Optional Rental Gear are sold separately. Players are welcome to bring their own paintball equipment to use at our field, please ensure that it is checked in and chronographed prior to play.

Do you fill C02 tanks?
No, we do not fill C02 tanks any longer. We only fill Compressed Air tanks. If your tank has a pressure gauge near the fill nipple, you probably have a tank that we can fill.

Are paintballs included with the Admission or Rental Gear?
No, not unless otherwise stated in your package price. All paintballs must be purchased at Safari Ridge.

Do all players need to have a waiver signed prior to playing paintball?
Yes, all players participating in Safari Ridge activities must have a waiver signed prior to play. Players under 19 years old must have a waiver signed by their parent/guardian. Online waivers are now available, they will be valid and on file until the end of the current year.

Can I bring my own paintballs?
No, we are in the business of selling paintballs. All paintballs must be purchased at Safari Ridge. We only use high quality premium paintballs with our logo on them. Bringing paintballs to our field is like bringing your own food to a restaurant.

How long will my paintballs last?
This all depends on how fast you pull the trigger. As a general average, figure on approximately 30-50 paintballs per person per game. Some players go through many more and some less than this estimate. A 50 bag is usually used by one or two players just to top up. A 500 bag is usually shared among 1 - 3 players and a 2000 case of paintballs is shared by 8 - 10 players.

What should I wear?
We are an outdoor facility so dress for the weather. We operate rain or shine. For paintball, players are encouraged to bring or wear their own clothes suitable for paintball. We recommend that you wear clothes that cover up bare arms and legs - hoodies are great! Paintball splats generally wash out of clothes easily, however, we don’t guarantee it with all materials. If you don’t have clothes suitable for paintball we have rental clothing available at the field for an additional cost. Please wear proper footwear for running.

Will my group get the field to ourselves?
Yes, we encourage groups - big or small - to play by themselves. Even 2 players can enjoy a game of 1 on 1 if they don't feel comfortable playing with other players. You may invite other players to join your group, but that is entirely up to you.

Does it hurt if I get hit with a paintball?
Well..... you can usually feel it. It can be like catching a baseball in your hand, there is an initial ‘ouch’ but it fades quickly. Getting hit on bare skin can be a little more painful, that’s why we suggest you wear clothes to cover up bare arms and legs. Loose, baggy clothes are best, but not too big - you still have to run around without them falling off! The loose fabric absorbs much of the hit so you are less likely to feel anything on your body. Also, your adrenaline is pumping so high that sometimes you can’t even feel the paintball at all! In short, the excitement of the game outweighs the pain factor for most players, but if you are still concerned, ask about our new line of Rhinohide Gear™. These lightweight outfits are specially designed to provide protection for your entire body in a two piece jacket and pants outfit. They may be rented individually or as a set.
Paintballs hurt enough that you don't want to get hit, but not enough that you want to Quit!

Make your day complete with a Private Party Tent rental!

Private Party Tent - $20
add BBQ - $10

Private Tent rental is up to 2 hours - or longer if available.

Private tents come with 2 banquet style tables & all the chairs you need. You bring the food & enjoy!
BBQ rental includes propane, tongs & flippers

General Party Area - FREE of CHARGE
add BBQ - $10

General Area can accommodate multiple parties on a first come basis.

We supply the tables & chairs. You bring the food & enjoy!
BBQ rental includes propane, tongs & flippers

We have a small concession that offers bottled water and cold drinks, energy drinks, chips and chocolate bars. Players are welcome to bring their own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to the field. Pizza delivery is available from local restaurants - please inquire.

We’re PET FRIENDLY!! Well behaved pets on a leash are more than welcome to join you at our facility. Water, shade and treats are available for them too! We are located in a heavily forested area so it stays relatively cool and we also have water misting fans and drinks available at the concession. You are welcome to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages to our facility.



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