Archery Games


4 player minimum, although minimum 6 players are recommended to enjoy the entire Clash of Arrows Experience of ARCHERS with bows & arrows and KNIGHTS & KINGS with swords & shields! Maximum 15 players per hour. Shooting Gallery is suitable for 1 or more players.

$30 for 1 hour divided, as desired, between practice in the shooting gallery and playing field. Please allow additional time for set up and instruction.

Price is per person and includes tax.

In addition to your actual play time, allow up to 15 minutes to receive game rules and instruction. Your hour of play starts after you have received set up and game instruction. All essential rental equipment included - full face safety goggles, standard size bow and soft tipped arrows.

All equipment must be rented at Safari Ridge Adventure Park. We do not allow you to bring your own bows or soft tipped arrows.


  • Drop in anytime during regular hours
  • Players must be at least 10 yrs old to play Archery Games
  • Archery Games admission is for 1 hour of time, divided between Shooting Gallery and playing field, as desired
  • Complete Rentals available at the field

Is there an age requirement?
Players must be 10 years and older to play Archery Games. Our equipment is a standard adult size and cannot be sized down for younger players.

What comes with the Essential Rental Package?
It includes the mandatory full-face safety mask/goggles, a standard size bow and 3 arrows. Players cannot bring their own archery equipment to the field, all players must use rental equipment.

Do all players need to have a waiver signed prior to playing paintball?
Yes, all players participating in Safari Ridge activities must have a waiver signed prior to play. Players under 19 years old must have a waiver signed by their parent/guardian. Online waivers are now available, they will be valid and on file until the end of the current year.

Can I bring my own equipment?
No, all players must use our rental equipment. We provide a standard size bow and special soft tipped arrows.

What should I wear?
We are an outdoor facility so dress for the weather. We operate rain or shine. We recommend that you wear clothes that cover up bare arms and legs to protect bare skin from impacts. If you don’t have clothes suitable, rental clothing including protective gear is available at the field for an additional cost. Please wear proper footwear for running.

Will my group get the field to ourselves?
Until we have the additional fields open, all players will play on the one field. We try to space out the bookings so groups have a better chance of playing by themselves but we can't always guarantee it. Reservations do not guarantee exclusive use of the playing field, you may be playing with other players.

Does it hurt if I get hit with an arrow?
Well..... you can usually feel it but with its 3 inch soft rubber tip the impact is usually minor. Full face safety goggles are mandatory to protect your eyes and ears. Loose, baggy clothes are best, but not too big - you still have to run around without them falling off! The loose fabric absorbs much of the hit so you are less likely to feel anything on your body. Also, your adrenaline is pumping so high that sometimes you can’t even feel the soft arrow tip at all! In short, the excitement of the game outweighs the pain factor for most players, but if you are still concerned, ask about our new line of Rhinohide Gear™. These lightweight outfits are specially designed to provide protection for your entire body in a two piece jacket and pants outfit. They may be rented individually or as a set.
Archery Games hurt enough that you don't want to get hit, but not enough that you want to Quit!

Make your day complete with a Private Party Tent rental!

Private Party Tent - $20
add BBQ - $10

Private Tent rental is up to 2 hours - or longer if available.

Private tents come with 2 banquet style tables & all the chairs you need. You bring the food & enjoy!
BBQ rental includes propane, tongs & flippers

General Party Area - FREE of CHARGE
add BBQ - $10

General Area can accommodate multiple parties on a first come basis.

We supply the tables & chairs. You bring the food & enjoy!
BBQ rental includes propane, tongs & flippers

We have a small concession that offers bottled water and cold drinks, energy drinks, chips and chocolate bars. Players are welcome to bring their own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to the field. Pizza delivery is available from local restaurants - please inquire.

We’re PET FRIENDLY!! Well behaved pets on a leash are more than welcome to join you at our facility. Water, shade and treats are available for them too! We are located in a heavily forested area so it stays relatively cool and we also have water misting fans and drinks available at the concession. You are welcome to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages to our facility.



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