Lazer Maze Challenge

Now Open!

Our new and exciting game ~ laZer maZe Challenge is NOW OPEN!

Introductory price of only $15 per player and play it again for only $9!

HUMANS are taking back their turf and eliminating all the evil ZOMBIES or annihilating their power station – whichever comes first – to win the battle! Team scoring and individual scores to determine who Rules Earth for another day!

The laZer maZe circuit consists of four playing fields. A round of battles consists of one battle on each field, played in sequence, with one team taking the role of ZOMBIES  and the other team playing as HUMANS.  The Challenge is playing 2 rounds on the four fields, with teams switching roles between the first and second rounds. Whichever team ends up with the lowest overall time as HUMANS wins the Challenge!

Allow up to 45 minutes to complete the challenge. Complete rules are given prior to play. Breaks are permitted between battles to catch your breath, take a sip of water, cool down in the water mist and celebrate a battle well done!

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