Youth Activities

Youth & Teen Activities

Church Youth Groups
Adventure Paintball or Outdoor Laser Tag has always been a huge hit with Church Youth Groups looking for fun things to do!
Club & Hobby Groups
Are you involved in a Hobby or Special Interest Club and looking for a social activity to do with the group? Your choice: Adventure Paintball or Outdoor Laser Tag. Add a private tent & BBQ and enjoy the day with us!
Sports Teams
Tell your coach that Safari Ridge is the place for your team's wind-up party. Your choice: Adventure Paintball or Outdoor Laser Tag! It's the perfect way to wrap up the season.
Sweet 16
Girls play too! Adventure Paintball is a perfect way to celebrate your Sweet 16. Or try our "No Pain Game" - Outdoor Laser Tag!

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currently available for Paintball only, Laser Tag option coming soon

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