Private Bookings

Off Hours Bookings

For bookings on days we are closed for regular drop-in play, and every evening up until 10pm(weather permitting) pre-booking and pre-payment is required at least 2 days in advance of your play day. Payment may be made from a PayPal invoice, bank eTransfer or Visa or MasterCard over the phone.

Book at least 48 hours (2 days) in advance of your play date.

  • OFF HOURS bookings are not valid with any discounts or specials
  • You may cancel without incurring any charges up to 2 days in advance.
  • Once payment is made, up to 24 hours in advance (1 day) you may reschedule your game or cancel your game (an administration fee of $5 per player or 5%, whichever is greater, will be charged if payment is refunded).
  • Within 24 hours (1 day) of your actual booking all payments are non-refundable.
  • One lump sum payment must be made for entire group, (minimum numbers apply) although additional players may be added and pre-paid after initial booking.
  • Overpayments may be credited towards other players, goods or services or refunded (an administration fee may apply)
  • Additional rentals and paintballs are sold separately and are available purchase at the field on game day
  • No OFF FIELD paintballs are permitted. All paintballs must be purchased at Safari Ridge

A minimum of 6 x admission/rental packages must be purchased upon booking. Paintballs sold separately.

Laser Tag:
A minimum of 10 x 60 minute packages must be purchased upon booking.

Archery Games:
A minimum of 10 x 60 minute packages must be purchased upon booking.

Adventure Pass holders:
As per the agreement of the Adventure Pass, these tickets (valid or expired tickets) can not be used for "After Hours Bookings".

After hours bookings are not available during Summer Hours, as we are open every day.

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