Team Building

Team Building

Why Adventure Games?

We know it works because company groups rarely come and play just once. The same company will nearly always return to the venue later in the year for yet another round of paintball or outdoor laser tag. The group size is usually bigger the second time round as people get to hear about the shear fun of the first event and decide to give it a try. Who in their right mind would miss out on this much Fun!

When we began our expansion plans in late 2006 we decided to listen more carefully to what corporations need and wanted from a corporate day out. The result has been a massive investment in to the electronics, infrastructure , game play, site facilities and equipment.
We also have plans to join forces with a local Team Building company in order to take advantage of their superb Team Building expertise. Sometimes a company requires a very serious approach to Teambuilding that breaks down and deals with the group dynamics of company personnel. Even though this kind of event can be disguised as a fun day paintballing it is sometimes more effective to use a professional facilitator  who can get to the root of the issues and bring about effective and lasting change for the company.

Corporate Morale

When staff are happy they are able to work harder and achieve more

Nearly 50% of our customers are bringing work colleagues along as a means to unwind, get to know each other and as a staff incentive. Without necessarily being aware, it allows colleagues to build better relationships by working together as teams, away from the normal work environment. Paintballing and/or Outdoor Laser Tag is a fun yet competitive way of developing communication skills, leadership skills and time/resource management abilities - in short it is a proven form of team building. Unlike a typical outdoor team building day (for instance, using command tasks) paintball and outdoor laser tag do not alienate certain individuals who may feel uncomfortable having to perform in front of others.
With paintball and outdoor laser tag, everyone gets involved, everyone contributes to the day - everyone gets something out of the day.
Staff and customers are the most important assets to any business. Providing a real action-packed, adrenalin pumping, entertaining day where everyone is involved will surely increase loyalty, commitment, morale, and profits!
When staff are happy they are able to work harder and achieve more. Customers respond to a positive social atmosphere, and mutually beneficial relationships build better business practices.

Real Value for Your Money

Compared to many other character building venues, paintball and/or outdoor laser tag give real value for money invested.
With competitions able to be staged over an entire day, the minutes and seconds taken by bungee and parachute jumps must seem a poor return for the outlay, and you can only spend so long driving around a karting track before becoming dizzy! Paintball and Outdoor Laser Tag can provide a very rewarding all-day experience that will not soon be forgotten.
Playing paintball or outdoor laser tag alongside or against each other provides an opportunity to create a real working relationship and to build corporate morale. In other words it's a real morale boosting event that really gets the adrenalin rushing and the blood flowing. Your staff and colleagues will love it.
Next time you decide to organize a Staff Day Out or outward bound teambuilding challenge day with incentives and fun in mind, consider how paintballing or outdoor laser tag at Safari Ridge will help you to observe and develop the following traits within the individuals in your organization.

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