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Pediatric Health and Safety Guide | | safariridge.com

Pediatric Health and Safety Guide

pediatricParents, teachers, guardians, and even babysitters are all people who are routinely responsible for the care and well-being of children. Because both infants and children are not capable of making the decisions and taking the actions necessary to keep themselves safe, they are dependent on the knowledge and efforts of those who care for them.At any point during the day, a child is faced with potential threats from the things around him or her. From the food that they eat to the water that they bathe in, the risk of injury and even death is something that people should always take seriously. Although some adults may instinctively know how to keep children safe in certain cases, they all must learn how to do it in every situation.Read the entire article    https://www.acls.net/pediatric-health-and-safety-guide.htm
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