Pricing & Promotions

$30 Drop In Admission INCLUDES Essential Rental Package. (Rentals) Paintballs sold separately - scroll down page for paintball prices

or if you have your own paintball equipment
$25 Drop in Admission INCLUDES all day air refills. (Air Refills) Paintballs sold separately - scroll down page for paintball prices

Prices are per person and include tax.

$30 for 60 minutes divided, as desired, between practice in the shooting gallery and playing field.

In addition to your actual play time, please allow a few minutes to receive game rules and instruction. All essential rental equipment included - full face safety goggles, standard size bow and soft tipped arrows.

Prices are per person and include tax

$8 for 15 minutes

$13 for 30 minutes

$17 for 45 minutes

When you arrive, please allow up to 15 minutes prior to first game for setup and instructions – possibly longer during peak times (Saturday & Sunday afternoons)

Prices are per person and include tax

Save Time! Save Money!

Book and Pre-pay for PAINTBALL at least 2 days in advance and get the Best Price Guarantee ~ 15% off Admission/Rentals package and bulk paintballs! (minimum 4000) Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.


scroll down for paintball prices


sold separately as needed

50 BAG $7
top up for one last game or two

500 BAG $50
up to 3 players usually share bag of 500 paintballs

2000 CASE $170
up to 8 or 10 players will usually share a case of paintballs for a fun day of adventure

Do not bring your own paintballs.

All paintballs must be purchased at Safari Ridge. We only use Premium grade paintballs with our logo on them. You are welcome to bring back unused paintballs previously purchased at our field.

Essential Rental Package

  • Semi-auto paintball rifle
  • Full face safety goggles/mask
  • Loader to hold paintballs
  • Air - all you need

ESSENTIAL RENTAL PACKAGE. ($12 if purchased separate from admission in some promotional offers) It has all the basic equipment you will need to play paintball with. Paintballs are NOT included in the Rental Gear package, please purchase separately at the field.

We recommend that you wear clothes that cover up bare arms and legs – hoodies are great! Paintball splats generally wash out of clothes easily, however, we don’t guarantee it with all materials. If you don’t have clothes suitable for paintball we have rental clothing available at the field for an additional cost. Please wear proper footwear for running.

Optional Rentals for Paintball

Priced individually from $3 and up

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